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Coventry named UK city of culture 2021

As a local creative agency, we are extremely proud of the bid team and everyone involved for winning the city of culture 2021 award. Leigh Torrance at Parallel took part in the 2 Tone Taxi Tour where you can hear his voice in the cab ride reminiscing about the Eclipse club from back in the day.

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Parallel Produce New Brochure For Care Quality Pharmacy

When The Care Quality Pharmacy approached Parallel there were only two weeks before The Care Show opened. Top of the list was a new brand look and feel, a 24-page brochure and exhibition stand graphics.

So, the studio got to work and, using a combination of supplied text and photos, with in-house developed icons and library photos came up with a very pleasing design.

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Another New School's Website

The new St Thomas More website is now live. From initial meeting in Mid-July to a live site by the end of August is quite a result, especially since most of the development and site population happened in the school holidays.

But the rush was necessary as the school had given notice to discontinue with their previous site on 31st August.

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New PHP web developer adds new skills to the Parallel team

We’re excited to introduce your to the newest member to join the team at Parallel Creative.

James Kelly joins us as our new Senior Web Developer and will lead the development team ensuring websites are built to the highest quality and bringing with him a wealth of knowledge about Web.

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The Spirit Show - That's the spirit

Parallel have, once again, been retained by The Spirit Show, the London-based exhibition dedicated to whiskey, gin, vodka, rum and cocktails, held in December.

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Technicoat UK - Making a splash with coatings

Newly-owned Technicoat has rebranded, developed a new website featuring an expanded range of timber, metal and glass lacquers and stains, and is now telling every spray shop in the country about it.

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Senior Web Developer Wanted

We are looking for someone who has agency experience and aspires to be a Senior developer, someone who has passion and someone who enjoys working in a creative team.

This is a great opportunity to work with a strong creative agency, building solutions and working on different projects i.e. building web based systems, in various CMS system especially WordPress and Joomla. etc.

The company has an open, collaborative culture where hierarchy doesn’t mean anything apart from solving problems.

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Is your website a well kept secret?

So you’ve spent time and effort preparing a great website that can be viewed around the world for 24 hours a day, but who’s looking at it and what are they looking at?

So, number one on your marketing list of things to do, if you don’t have a good statistics package analysing your website, is get one sharpish.

You should not just know how many hits you’ve had, but how people got there in the first place. Did they come via Google or Yahoo and what search did they use, did they go via an on-line directory, or straight to your domain name? How long did they stay? Where did they go to? Did they come back? Which domain name did they use? If you know all these things you can make a plan to properly advertise your website.

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It’s all change at Coventry Motofest as motoring festival rocks a new look for 2017

Coventry Motofest has a whole new look for 2017 following a rebrand developed and delivered by a local Coventry design company. Following a massive growth in popularity during the past three years organisers at Coventry Motofest decided it was time for a rebrand and so turned to local designers Parallel Creative for assistance. As a Coventry company with excellent local knowledge of the event, the Parallel Creative team were well paced to come up with a complete brand design guide.

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Giving feels good doesn't it?

I imagine most of you have friends you spend time with. You like them and enjoy their company. You probably share lots of common interests and spend time pursuing them together. Successful friendships tend to be about giving and receiving. It might be who pays for the football match tickets, whose house you eat at or who pays for the next round of drinks. We all like to give, but only provided we get something back that we value similarly. If not, the relationship can become sticky.

I wonder why that attitude of mind is rarely extended to our business lives. Sure, customers offer to buy goods and services in return for payment. It is taken for granted that if you have an illness that you can go to see a doctor for advice. Problem…solution etc. But have you thought about volunteering elements of what you do without the guarantee of reward? (Bear with me at this point!)

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Nice Website; no visitors?

It’s a common scenario for lots of small to medium sized businesses. Back in the 1990s everyone got themselves a website, as much because everyone said you needed to have one than for good business reasons. Since then lots of organisations have improved their site. Some have added smarter graphics, some animation and video and it often makes for a pretty impressive visit.

So once customers and prospects visit they are quite likely to take things further, with an enquiry or a purchase. All very well, but what do you do if there aren’t enough visitors ? It probably goes without saying that everything you produce should have your website address on it, from business card to adverts; from invoice to promotional pen etc. But as far as on-line advertising is concerned I think there are only 3 ways.

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Parallel

Its been a busy year for the team at Parallel and we are looking forward to a bumper 2017. 2016 is coming to a close and we would like to wish all of our customers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Let the partying begin!

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ComplyMe Company Branding and Website By Parallel Creative

ComplyMe is a financial compliancy service start-up business, which smooths out the path of business regulation and legislation for firms of independent financial advisors. It recognises the importance for business owners to focus on running the business and ensuring as much time as possible is used for fee earning activities.

Parallel Creative were approached by ComplyMe to create a complete branding of the business, including a company logo, branding collateral, a new website & digital media strategy.

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Fallons Ground Maintenance Branding and Website By Parallel Creative

Fallons started operating in the Coventry area over 20 years ago when William Fallon started cutting lawns in Coventry with just one lawnmower, since then he has grown the business from his one man outfit, to a level where he was able to take on his two sons, Chris & Lee Fallon and also creating full time roles for 25 employees.

Parallel Creative were approached by Fallons, a family run local business that offers a range of services including Ground Maintenance, Hard & Soft Landscaping & Building Maintenance, to provide a complete rebranding of the company. We designed and produced a range of collateral including a brochure, website, folder, full set of stationery and distinctive van livery for the whole fleet of Fallons vans. We have also provided assitance with a complete range of digital services.

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Millboard Video By Parallel Creative Digital Team

Millboard, The leading UK Producers of Composite Decking Boards, commissioned Parallel Creative to produce a new marketing video for their new marketing campaign. We worked in conjunction with the marketing team at Millboard to create a video that delivers the message required.

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