The New iPhone is here ... or is it?

It’s that time again when tech giant (and once supreme creator of trends) Apple releases a ‘New’ iPhone.

But some rather cynical people have noticed a few things about it which users may find disturbing …

Sabotage over at BBC3 took to social media taking a rather satirical look at Apples latest creation:

With new cordless headphones which are “small, sleek and easy to lose”, plus a variety of colours … “Black, black, black and … jet black”.

Jacksfilms parody

BBC3 are not alone in their mocking of Apples new creation … youtube is awash with parodies taking the michael out of the iPhone …

Whatever your thoughts on the ‘New’ iPhone, it seems that the legacy created by Steve Jobs in changing the face of mobile technology, will live on … whether it actually changes how it looks in the future is a different matter entirely.

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