Brand Yourself project (big brother is watching you)

The positives and negatives of social media are a regular debating point, often making the national news. Fake news, inappropriate behaviour, links to mental illness and bullying are, sadly, daily factors in people’s lives. It’s young people especially who are most at risk.

One of the consequences of poor social media reputation occurs when potential employers decide to delve a little more closely into applicants’ details. It’s understood that some 70% of employers now do this by looking at social media posts. For some, the information is at best embarrassing; at worst the reason why they didn’t get the job.

The Aim Higher Plus team based at Aston University is doing something about it. With the aim of encouraging young people from disadvantaged backgrounds into higher education, Aim Higher Plus put together the classroom teaching aid ‘Brand Yourself’. It looks at applications for four job roles suitable for young people. Students are asked to rate the applicants based on their CV and accompanying letter. Then their social media history on Twitter and Instagram is revealed, and the students see if that changes their opinion.

Parallel put together the job adverts and the four application booklets for each one. They’re printed on hard wearing, non-tear paper that will bear the rigours of classroom use. Project lead, George Kearney-Bambridge, was pleased with the outcome saying, ‘we were pleased at how well Parallel understood what the project required and the quality of the graphics and finished booklets. They look great and we can’t wait to use them in the classrooms’

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