How Is Artificial Intelligence Affecting Modern Graphic Design?

Could you let an AI program create your website for you? Or how about letting it manage your marketing campaign, targeting very specific audiences via their online shopping patterns? While many business owners would answer no to both of these questions, the fact is, AI software is already being used by some designers as a way to handle automating repetitive tasks and reducing development costs. While this technology does show promise, for the foreseeable future you’ll need human designers and developers to create websites that offer a real advantage over the competition and that offers a much greater return on your investment.

Whether your business website was created by AI or by an actual human being, if the results were still the same, would it matter? That is one question that many people seem to struggle with as they want the efficiency of AI, but the personal touch that only a real person can provide. This is especially true in the graphic design industry where personal creativity is important.

How Is Artificial Intelligence Affecting Modern Graphic Design?

The Digital Transformation In The Graphic Design Industry

The graphic design industry has already taken advantage of new technology over the past decade or so. With the latest layout software programs, desktop publishing and the digital transformation, even the world of graphic design can’t avoid the artificial intelligence factor.

While much of the work graphic designers do today is done on computers, AI is already becoming a big part of the website design process. But how does AI design a website and how much human interaction does it get? Let’s take a look:

While humans will still provide the text content for a website, some graphic design firms use AI software to analyse that text and combines it with relevant images creating new content and a website that is designed specifically for the business and that business’ market.

Eventually, the text content itself will be created by AI software and it will become so good that it will seem human-written. Then, AI technology will begin doing print design and using machine learning technology, become leaders in the graphic design industry.

The Machines Are Taking Over

Does this mean that the machines are taking over and there will no longer be a need for actual people at graphic design firms? The answer to that is no. We drive the artificial intelligence effort and we decide what work should and shouldn’t be completed by machines. There are, after all, certain factors of the design process that can only be completed by humans and the organic matter derived creative process.

Earlier I mentioned that AI is already creating websites and web content for those sites. Although this might be a less expensive option for many business owners, the results are not that great. AI has not reached the levels of sophistication that many people believe today and many of these AI-created websites, aren’t nearly as successful as those created by man.

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