Is your website a well kept secret?

So you’ve spent time and effort preparing a great website that can be viewed around the world for 24 hours a day, but who’s looking at it and what are they looking at?

So, number one on your marketing list of things to do, if you don’t have a good statistics package analysing your website, is get one sharpish.

You should not just know how many hits you’ve had, but how people got there in the first place. Did they come via Google or Yahoo and what search did they use, did they go via an on-line directory, or straight to your domain name? How long did they stay? Where did they go to? Did they come back? Which domain name did they use? If you know all these things you can make a plan to properly advertise your website.

More than that, you can organise the content of the website so that visitors can get the messages they are interested in, and you can loose the content that nobody wants to see.

So now the really good news!

Google analytics is currently FREE OF CHARGE.

Just register on and you will be issued with some html code. Once you add it to your site it will start counting pretty much straight away. So, once you know where you stand you can take steps to make it better.

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