Life and death project

Parallel has been working with the Heart of England Co-operative Funeralcare service since the summer of 2016. The business to consumer advertising campaign has concentrated on the sale of pre-paid funeral schemes, for which the Co-op are market leading suppliers. It has included a broad range of media communication and digital advertising such as social media, principally in the form of Facebook and Twitter, Free Radio, leaflet drops and printed media.

The first campaign used the ‘I chose…’ concept showing many different types of people and families that had benefitted from the quality service the Funeralcare team provide. The current one looks at the statistical advantages on offer compared to smaller independent funeral homes, using infographics.

During the past year, sales of funeral plans has grown by 36%. General Manager, Darryl Smith is delighted with the results, commenting ‘The Parallel team have provided us with stand-out advertising and reliable project management, so our entire advertising plan runs very smoothly. We keep a careful eye on the returns we get from advertising and I am confident our sales will continue to increase’.

Parallel is working with the Co-operative team on a series of videos that will take the mystery away from the workings of a funeral home and help people to arrange the type of ceremony they and their relatives want.

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