Parallel identify main USPs to formulate a recruitment marketing campaign

The recent merger of City College and Henley College has created a single main further education institution called Coventry College. Recognising not just the need for a new common brand, but also a marriage of marketing concepts, the college commissioned Parallel to investigate the best approach to future recruitment advertising.

Working with research specialist Alison Drury of Think Vivid, a series of discovery meetings were held with management, staff and student groups. Parallel was able to identify the main USPs the college offers, and formulate a strategy, which formed the rationale behind two alternative campaign concepts.

The favoured concept was developed into a full recruitment guideline document for the college’s own design team to use to compile individual adverts. It included application examples such as bus backs, bus stop advertising, posters, the College website and Facebook advertising.

Since the guidelines were published Parallel has engaged on a photographic and video project creating further assets for use in the campaign.

Clare Hatton, Deputy Principal has led on the project from the start. ‘We’d like to thank Parallel for focussing our minds on the tremendous work done by the College and producing graphics of the highest order to bring it to the attention of the future generation of students’, she said.

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