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ComplyMe Company Branding and Website By Parallel Creative

ComplyMe is a financial compliancy service start-up business, which smooths out the path of business regulation and legislation for firms of independent financial advisors. It recognises the importance for business owners to focus on running the business and ensuring as much time as possible is used for fee earning activities.

Parallel Creative were approached by ComplyMe to create a complete branding of the business, including a company logo, branding collateral, a new website & digital media strategy.

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Fallons Ground Maintenance Branding and Website By Parallel Creative

Fallons started operating in the Coventry area over 20 years ago when William Fallon started cutting lawns in Coventry with just one lawnmower, since then he has grown the business from his one man outfit, to a level where he was able to take on his two sons, Chris & Lee Fallon and also creating full time roles for 25 employees.

Parallel Creative were approached by Fallons, a family run local business that offers a range of services including Ground Maintenance, Hard & Soft Landscaping & Building Maintenance, to provide a complete rebranding of the company. We designed and produced a range of collateral including a brochure, website, folder, full set of stationery and distinctive van livery for the whole fleet of Fallons vans. We have also provided assitance with a complete range of digital services.

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Millboard Video By Parallel Creative Digital Team

Millboard, The leading UK Producers of Composite Decking Boards, commissioned Parallel Creative to produce a new marketing video for their new marketing campaign. We worked in conjunction with the marketing team at Millboard to create a video that delivers the message required.

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The Internet Arcade

Metal scoops clinking with the sound of two pence pieces … A distinctive tap-tap-tap of fingers on buttons … Electronic beeps and buzzes meant to draw your attention towards the latest machines …

The amusement arcades of my youth had a very distinctive feel … The sights and sounds assaulting the senses were overwhelming at first, but ultimately became a comforting cacophony of noise and lights …

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The New iPhone is here ... or is it?

It’s that time again when tech giant (and once supreme creator of trends) Apple releases a ‘New’ iPhone.

But some rather cynical people have noticed a few things about it which users may find disturbing …

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What Is CodePen?

CodePen is a playground for the front end web.

It can be used to show off your latest creation and get feedback from the community.

We frequently need to test code and find new ideas for web projects that we are working on and is the perfect online tool to do this. We can use CodePen for either testing code that we have written to use on a project before we implement the code, or even to find lots of new and exciting ideas for using in our next projects.

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Olympic Logos Rated by Design Legend Milton Glaser

If the name Milton Glaser doesn’t ring a bell, then maybe some of his famous work will. He’s the man behind the I Love NY design — that one with the heart that’s been copied a million times over - and he even designed the logo for New York magazine.

So when he gets asked questions about design, believe that he knows of that which he speaks.

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Parallel Creative Website Design Inspiration

Building great looking and engaging websites is something that we do everyday here at Parallel Creative.

Our customers love the creative flare we give when building their websites. To keep up-to date with the latest trends and ideas we use a number of resources available on the internet to keep our sites fresh with new and engaging ideas.

Below are some of the places we regularly visit to see what others are building.

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Parallel Creative Tips for effective social media marketing

Using the power of content and social media marketing can help boost your audience and client base. However getting started on social media campaigns without any previous experience or insight can be difficult.

At Parallel Creative we can help you create an effective and engaging social media campaign that helps you stand out from your competitors. We use a combination of engaging artwork, common sense and industry insight to help you create a social media campaign that does you proud. By following our 10 tips we can help you build a campaign that will serve your customers, promote your brand and hopefully lead to more custom.

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Top 10 tips for Web Design

Like the phrase ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’, effective web design is judged by the users of the website and not the website owners. There are many factors that affect the usability of a website, and it is not just about form (how good it looks), but also function (how easy is it to use).

Websites that are not well designed tend to underperform poorly and have poor Google Analytics results (e.g. high bounce rates, low time on site, low pages per visit and low conversions).

So what makes good web design? Below we explore 10 top web design principles that will make your website aesthetically pleasing, easy to use, engaging, and effective.

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Boxtick Graphics - Branding & Web Design

Boxtick Graphics are a local, family-run digital print company that’s based in Coventry which produce highest quality graphics for vehicle application.

Parallel Creative were commissioned with the task to come up with a new name for the company along with their marketing and digital material.

We produced a simple but friendly brand identity that could be applied on to external signage, web site, internal clothing and corporate brochure.

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Architects in Millboard's sights

Outdoor decking manufacturers, Millboard, are expanding their marketing horizons with a concentrated campaign targeting Architects and other specifiers. Their synthetic wood-like product looks as good as wood but wears little over time, is delivered ready painted and treated, and is fully waterproof.

Parallel Creative have designed and produced an impressive Architect’s notebook, with branded Rotring pen, ideal for notetaking either on site or at indoor meetings. The brochure section of the book bound gift contains technical specifications across multiple applications including decking, boardwalks, roofing, cladding and jetty.

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New web developer adds spice to the Parallel team

Mark Salt has added additional website development skills to the Parallel Creative digital team. His experience in online shopping sites and search engine optimisation, developed over the last 9 years, adds valuable resource for the company’s diverse client base. Mark has a passion for creating efficient web code which not only improves the visitor experience but is recognised by search engines with higher rankings.

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Our latest promo video for 'EST' Event Support Team Ltd

We have just completed the corporate video for EST in Coventry. After shooting several events we are extremely happy how this came out and really captures what our client does. Along side this we produced the website earlier this year. Event Support Team Ltd provides support services for the event industry. They specialise in providing Design and Consultancy services, Traffic Management, Security and Stewarding, Parking, Cash collection and Advance ticket sales for your event.

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Parallel Creative design Jimmy Hill Memorial Programme

What an honour to be asked to design the memorial programme for Jimmy Hill held Coventry Cathedral on Friday 12th February 2015. We would like to thank the committee for contacting Parallel Creative on such a special event.

Press release below…

This Friday sees a momentous occasion for Sky Blues fans and Coventrians, as the City of Coventry and the worlds of football and broadcasting unite to celebrate the life of Jimmy Hill.

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5 Ways for Designers to Avoid Getting Ripped Off

Being able to choose your own working hours and having the freedom to work in your underpants can be somewhat regarded as a misinterpretation of what freelancing is really like. Okay, maybe sometimes I do sit in my underpants, but only on really lazy days. Nonetheless, freelancing can be soothing to the soul if you’re more comfortable in your own company most of the time.

Wait… You’re not earning any money? Clients refusing to cough up?

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A new year a new brand - let us help you

Brand is often defined as a “Name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s good or service as distinct from those of other sellers.” (Source: Wikipedia). But we believe brand is more than that. More than a logo, a brand lives and evolves in the minds and hearts of potential clients. It’s a fostered set of emotions and ideas consumers associate with your company. With the infinite number of choices offered to consumers these days, many companies are looking for unique ways to connect emotionally with consumers.

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Parallel

It’s been an eventful 2015 and a very productive one to say the lease. In September we joined forces with another local design agency to form one of the largest in Coventry. We would like to thank our clients past and present for allowing us to come up with some great creative projects your all amazing. We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, from all at parallel.

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