Whats Your Poison?

A premier new brand in cocktails has been launched and is set to take house parties, festivals, bars and concert venues by storm.

Poison” Cocktails, an independently owned company has launched an innovative range of superior pre-mix cocktails specifically designed for outlets who can’t mix their own. All made with premium spirits and packaged in quirky jars with the significant “Poison” brand, the cocktails come in a signature collection of mouth-watering flavours including June bug, Woo Woo, Amaretto Sour, Lazy Cosmo, Jack Frost and Artlantic.

Karl Kelly, Sales Director, “Poison” Cocktails explains:

The beauty of “Poison” Cocktails is that they can be enjoyed in a bar, at a festival or simply at home without any fuss, mess or mixing, just fill the jar to the rim with ice, replace the lid and shake until the lid becomes cold… then enjoy.

Cocktails are our passion and we put a lot of love into them. We have researched the market wholeheartedly to deliver the best cocktails with the finest spirits so that our customers get the perfect cocktail experience.

He added -

Poison” Cocktails look fantastic at point of sale due to their quirky and easily identifiable jar packaging. The brand is very fresh, modern and cosmopolitan and is doing fantastically well throughout the festival circuit, not to mention the independent bars and concert venues. There is no need for trained staff, there is no waiting around, there is no expensive spillages, you can enjoy delicious refreshing cocktails in an instant.