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Come up with an amusing caption for our latest competition and you could win a bottle of bubbly!

For a chance to win a bottle of champagne or a £20 donation to the charity of your choice, either email your captions for the above image to for posting on our website (state ANON if you don't wish to be accredited); or LIKE our Facebook page, then add a caption to the photo attached.

Terms and Conditions Apply - Add as many captions as you like, UK competition only!

The deadline for entries will be Monday 30th April 2018. We will contact the winner for their details.

Current Entries

"Tiger is saying - I once unwittingly played a round with my flies open - best keep it zipped."

Michael Smith

"Tiger always loved to sniff his finger after getting his balls in a difficult hole."

Jim Radford

"What was that about a TW ‘at?"

Rob Falconer

"International finger Hula Hoop eating championship gets underway."

Nathan Davies

"Sh ... Tiger stops himself from telling people what bears do in the Woods"

Valerie Ganne

"Tiger woods tries to shush the whispers !!"

Kim Styles

"Tiger picks bogey on second hole !!..."

Mark Milsom

"Schhh - my ex-wife doesn’t know I’m here"

Mario Rabaiotti

"Tiger Woods is all ready for a birdie... but gets a bogey instead."

Dawn Rowley-White

"Sshhhh ! Don't tell Parallel but I've already drunk the bubbly"

Nathan Davies

"Shhh, I’m playing around"

Luke Sanderson

"Shhh... a little birdie told me my bogeys were below par"

Mark Tranter

"Please don't say, I've a reputation to protect"

Gary Williams

"Don't repeat this but I always go commando when I'm on the fairway - it improves my swing!"

Michael Smith

"Tiger was always a great lover of finger food!"

Liz Tubby

"SShh Tiger's not out of the Woods yet"


"So Tiger,show us how many Birdies you have had at the Nineteenth Hole this tournament."

Ken Wilkinson

"Tiger's ears were so sensitive he could hear a pin drop."

David Bryan

"Tiger begs reporter not to write about his weekend swinging parties."

Nathan Davies

"Why does Tiger always present his wife with two alibis? in case there is a hole in one."

Paul Lawrence

"People don't know the real me - they fail to see the Woods for the tees."

Michael Smith

"That's the tiger line"

Simon Witt

"Hey Tiger great birdie...... sshhhh that’s nothing to tweet about!!"

Allen Brooks

"My mantra is inspired by the words of a song - It Don't Mean a Thing (if it Ain't Got that Swing.)"

Michael Smith

Previous Winners


March Entrant

"Jenny wished she hadn't called Matilda a hooker after all...."

Nathan Davies


February Entrant

"I much like the famous Brexit song, with your Queen, 'I Want to Break Free'"

Julian Ashton


January Entrant

"Mind the clap"

Rising Sun Campers