Caption Competition

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Come up with an amusing caption for our latest competition and you could win a bottle of bubbly!

For a chance to win a bottle of champagne or a £20 donation to the charity of your choice, either email your captions for the above image to for posting on our website (state ANON if you don't wish to be accredited); or LIKE our Facebook page, then add a caption to the photo attached.

Terms and Conditions Apply - Add as many captions as you like, UK competition only!

The deadline for entries will be Thursday 30th November 2017, you will be then notified for your details.

Current Entries

"Stuart Broad manages to smuggle Ben Stokes into Australia"

Rob Falconer

"Stuart Broad models the world's largest codpiece"

Valerie Ganne

"Stuart denies Freddie Flintoff has lent him his Pedalo"

Ken Wilkinson

"Because I'm not flying Ryan air...."

Mario Rabaiotti

"Ben Stokes will arrive with much more baggage than me"


"Stop wriggling, Ben. We're nearly through."

John Wright

Previous Winners


October Entrant

"CAA charters alternative aircraft to bring home stranded Monarch holidaymakers"

Jeremy Smith


September Entrant

"Quick, take the photo before Mary realises we've gate crashed her leaving do"

Luke Sanderson


August Entrant

"With an IQ of 80, it can carry out simple instructions with a 70% success rate, the robot on the other hand is a genius"

Jeff Lowe