Caption Competition

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Come up with an amusing caption for our latest competition and you could win a bottle of bubbly!

For a chance to win a bottle of champagne or a £20 donation to the charity of your choice, either email your captions for the above image to for posting on our website (state ANON if you don't wish to be accredited); or LIKE our Facebook page, then add a caption to the photo attached.

Terms and Conditions Apply - Add as many captions as you like, UK competition only!

The deadline for entries will be Wednesday 31st January 2018. We will contact the winner for their details.

Current Entries

"First unveils the first train powered entirely by clap"

Rob Falconer

"Passengers clearly don’t Mind the Gap - between the new fares and how much less they should be paying"

Valerie Ganne

"With the Ashes now won, the citizens of Melbourne were now unusually receptive to the England team’s arrival"

Guy Wilson

"Euston, we HAD a problem!"

Julian Ashton

"At the latest rail bonding session staff wait for the superglue antidote to arrive."

Ken Wilkinson

"The Paddington fans from Peru saw his name on the 'Arrivals' board, and formed a welcoming party."

Julian Ashton

"If you're paying too much for a rubbish service and you know it, clap your hands."

Luke Sanderson

"If we clap hard enough, that should generate enough wind to keep the leaves off the line, keep clapping it’s nearly there."

Mario Rabaiotti

"The First train arriving at Clapton station."

Amanda Templeman

"Donald Trump welcomed as he arrives in the United Kingdom on April 1st"


"In no time at all the Railway Children had turned into old buffers."

Marie Golding

"And so the people prayed that the fat controllers brace would hold has he valiantly pushed the 10.29 into the station"

Glyn Davies

"The tourists didn't really understand that you don't hail a train like you do a taxi"

Lisa Day

"The slow hand clap"

Sheena Batey

"Welcome to Clap em."

Peter Harrisson

"The First shall be the last, and the last shall be the First, sayeth the Minister"

Sadie Godiva

"How did the commuters find the missing train? They followed the tracks!"

Gillian Mills

Previous Winners


December Entrant

"In this period of uncertainty, what the British people really want is an extra bank holiday, trust me! How about next May?"

Bruno Seguin


November Entrant

"Stuart Broad manages to smuggle Ben Stokes into Australia"

Rob Falconer


October Entrant

"CAA charters alternative aircraft to bring home stranded Monarch holidaymakers"

Jeremy Smith