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Come up with an amusing caption for our latest competition and you could win a bottle of bubbly!

For a chance to win a bottle of champagne or a £20 donation to the charity of your choice, either email your captions for the above image to for posting on our website (state ANON if you don't wish to be accredited); or LIKE our Facebook page, then add a caption to the photo attached.

Terms and Conditions Apply - Add as many captions as you like, UK competition only!

The deadline for entries will be Friday 29th June 2018. We will contact the winner for their details.

Current Entries

"Physics paper | (Q) Why do we pour tea into our saucer? (A)..... we don't! Should be larger surface cooling area"


"A typical exam paper from someone who says “But I wasn’t even born then” when asked history questions in television quiz shows"

Rob Falconer

"Extracts from Oxford University's entrance exam papers"

Dave Bryan

"Donald Trump denies these are his final year college exam papers"

Ken Wilkinson

"Long lost exam paper of Donald Trump is found in archives."

Margaret Dolan

"Oxbridge College presents star pupil’s entrance exam paper"

Kate Moore-Blunt

"Guess which well known politician released a copy of his entrance exam?"


"Where are you Saturn? On the couch, Eric."

Dave Bryan

"And finally can you find the ’Y’ in Brexit ?"

Mark Tranter

"Theresa May started answering questions like a politician early in life."

Laura McEwan

"This would be the last time the Beckham children would ask their parents to help them with their homework"

Luke Sanderson

"They said my son had an IQ of 50! That’s the highest percentage he’s ever had!"

Valerie Ganne

"‘Completely Logical’ I’m with you!"

Lynne Collins

"The World Cup was fantastic this summer!"

Su Oinn

Previous Winners


May Entrant

"The Westminster Club were delighted at the number of 'Best in Show' rosettes that they won."

Faridah Brooker


April Entrant

"Tiger Woods is all ready for a birdie... but gets a bogey instead."

Dawn Rowley-White


March Entrant

"Jenny wished she hadn't called Matilda a hooker after all...."

Nathan Davies