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Senin: Overview

Meaning ‘Your’, Senin is an ambitious start-up business that features jewellery inspired by the Ottoman Empire. The founder of Senin has Anatolian roots and a passion for bringing the traditions of the Ottoman jewellery making past together with bold designs, infusing them with a contemporary edge.


The Challenge

We researched the high-end jewellery brand market and were tasked with creating a name for the fledgling business. After brainstorming a number of ideas, the name Senin was born. As with the actual jewellery, the design of the logo was inspired by ancient Anatolian art and architecture to create a strong, recognisable brand.




The Solution

We designed and produced a range of collateral including a website, which could easily be updated to a shopping site, a brochure, full set of stationery and packaging for a jewellery box. Banner stands were also produced for specialist jewellery trade shows as well as artisan craft markets.

Senin Brochure
Senin Website

Case Study

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Case Study

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