Branding & Logo design


Good branding is the graphic representation of the very heart and soul of your product, service or organisation. It should make a promise to customers that is delivered time and again, reliably. The logo should be clear and unequivocal and work effectively across all types of media.

Parallel Creative works to a branding process and procedure that combines understanding of your business and its marketplace with creativity and discovery. We perform due diligence checks on new names to avoid conflict of interests, ensure good competitive positioning, produce corporate identities and brand guidelines, and above all make sure you stand out from the crowd.

The importance of a good logo design is a cornerstone of a company’s brand, it’s your company’s identity that will be seen by others. We love a challenge, not only can we produce outstanding logo designs that get you noticed, we don’t just do average; we go that little extra to make sure your visual identity communicates the intended message. Brands grow in strength when they are consistently presented. Parallel creates brands that instil feelings of warmth and trust in your customers, prospects and other stakeholders.

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